Is Rejection Real?????

Today I sent out an email that I have been brooding on for a couple of weeks now. Actually, I sent out the email by simply copying the message content from my notes into the message body and pressed SEND after adding the email address and subject. Having sent it now I find all this […]

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YOU Single?! 😂

Lately the relationship theme has been coming up a lot. Love relationship theme to be precise. Why are you without a partner? Why are you single? People are asking these questions all the time. To be honest people are always surprised. Lol. YOU – S I N G L E?! 😳 Lol Men AND women. […]

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Languages Of Love

In tango, the number one task for the leader is to make sure their partner is SAFE. Number two task is to make sure their partner is COMFORTABLE. Number three task is to make sure their partner ENJOYS. Number four task really is the door…. ……to co-creating together something NEW and wonderful that the energy […]

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You ARE Connected.

Some days I feel like I have nothing to say, and nothing to write about. Some days I feel like blargh! And I usually feel like extra blargh! because feeling that way is not my ‘normal’. On days like that I feel unmotivated uninspired and like I have nothing important enough to contribute. On days […]

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Change From Within

When we want to change something in our outside reality, the human reflex is to start resisting it in all ways, fighting it, blaming it for xyz, etc. Not realizing that by doing so the exact thing we want to change gets more energy and is sustained and perpetuated. Another human reflex would be to […]

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Have Fun Being You.

When I am not constantly growing I get bored. If I don’t adjust right away and challenge myself to expand in any and all directions……., the feeling of being bored turns into sth more ‘serious’ lol. Usually, always really, it’s better to not have things get this far. And so I don’t. My singing started […]

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No Way.

Toes. Feet. They’ve been asking for my attention for some time now. Toes and feet. Constantly something happening that made me feel them and really notice them. I mean, REALLY notice. And so I did, eventually, lol. It is always our Spirit Self that is making sure we are spending, applying our focus and attention […]

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