Expressing Y o u 💎

Very new this stuff we are going through as humanity really. It is unprecedented. We are stepping into our power and our freedom and our Creatorship. It’s an adventure, this stepping into, this owning of YOU, and this reclaiming of YOUR sovereignty. After a lifetime upon lifetime upon lifetime of being told what to do […]

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New Beginnings……!

Can you feel the wonderfulness of the New Moon…., the energy of New Beginnings……? It’s ok if you are not feeling it perhaps….., simply know that you can put things in the Universal oven……., something you can do at ANY time of course lol, no need to sit and wait for the moon to come […]

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Nothing Less Than Love

Love rules the world. Haha. Yes it does. Funny how all can be traced back to love, to the passion of the heart, to the expression of you. When you look at the most amazing things that have been created in any and every area……., from fashion to architecture to media empires…….., to anything really….., […]

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I’m serious. Go. H O M E. Home is where it all gets solved, where it all gets DONE. Home. That’s in your heart, in your being, in the place where whole Universe comes RIGHT THROUGH YOU, to express itself, to create shapes and forms in every area of your life. That’s where it all […]

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I just did an audio facebook live and the subject was effortlessness. We are taught so much that it is meant to be hard and difficult and a struggle and pain……, all of it…….., from birth that is agonizing to the mother,    (and child, duh, since it feels that its expansion is causing suffering […]

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Wait And See!

What to do what to do what to do when all the old is left behind and all the new is still not in sight? What to do when the old forms have fallen away…… Relationship, work, money, friends……. And all the NEW hasn’t shown itself yet, physically, in your life…… Relationship, work, money, friends……., […]

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