Open Your Hand! :)

Oh Wow. Isn’t it so funny and a para-dox, really, that, in order to have something we really really really really really really want……, we kinda have to let it go, and be ok with not having it, and be neutral to it! Haha! How to be neutral towards something I really really truly waaaaaaaaaant……..?! […]

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Let It Leave….

Growing constantly,  expanding constantly,  shifting constantly, means releasing constantly and leaving things behind that you’ve outgrown, whatever it is……. It’s sometimes sad to say goodbye…., to things, to relationships, to old familiar ways and old familiar ways of doing things………, and it’s ok. Sometimes we can feel sad for no reason, blue for no reason, […]

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On The Fly!

Sometimes you just have to FLY.  Lol. And do things on the go. Sometimes, you just have to do without your morning routine, OR with a very slimmed down version of it. Sometimes, it is for the best. Right now I am on shuttle bus writing this blog post, and I know I have a […]

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Anything Is Possible.

What do you let yourself be guided by when you ask Universe for something? Do you even ask Universe ever lol? Are you letting yourself express your desires to Universe? Especially when you consider yourself to be ‘spiritual’……., are you letting yourself HAVE desires, especially material ones……? There are so many opinions, ideas, beliefs about […]

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You Are Love Your Are Light. 💜

Choose a deep connection and alignment with your Higher Self,  Your Heart,  Your Deepest Core, that piece of You that is Source,  that is PURE LOVE and PURE LIGHT. That’s where it all starts. That’s where your physical form started. Choose That. Your Divine Blueprint, whatever it is like, looks like, feels like, even if […]

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When we are ready and willing to open up to receive, we receive. When we are ready and willing to stop resisting and pushing away, we flow. When we are ready and willing to stop the suffering, we love. When we are ready and willing to end the struggle, we live. When we are ready […]

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Let It Go.

Today I feel called to share about letting go of. Anything. And everything. Of how you think believe and want things to go and turn out and come about in your life. Of any old pain that you are still holding on to. Of anything that is limiting you, confining you,  saying no to Creator […]

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