Being Decluttered!

When we are growing expanding evolving……… ………stuff will come up. Old stuff yucky stuff already-dealt-with-this stuff etc. Stuff comes up because guess what…?! You are being freed from it because you are choosing something that doesn’t go together with this stuff. You are choosing something new something bigger something better, and UNIVERSE helps you by […]

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Be Who You Are ðŸ’Ž

When we are working at creating something new, something from within, something that we create out of nowhere, from the creative depths of our heart and soul, we’ve got to keep ourselves crystal clear. 😜 We’ve got to stay away from the noise of the world, we’ve got to let the w😉rld be. There is […]

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Stay The Course

So many times, when we step up and own our   power more and more,  our environment reacts in different ways. It’s a given. It happens to everyone and you are not alone. If you are noticing resistance in others then that’s a compliment really! It means you are doing something that is way out […]

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I listened to a presentation the other day. And it ended with (paraphrasing): If you are looking for what you want/expect to find, you will find exactly that. Let me explain. No I will not bore you (or excite you lol!) with the scientific and logical lay-down of the facts in the presentation. I am […]

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Joy Celebration Enjoyment

Having asked myself why Portugal,  I never really tuned in to know. Simply because I haven’t valued as much, personally, knowing why. Lol. I have always valued the actual experience of my Divine Nature in the physical more than gathering information about Divinity and Divine Essence and what it is about. For me the direct […]

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