Out Of Control 😜

It’s tricky so tricky really. When you claim something as your own. The ego will be so not ok with it that you’ll be bombarded with all kinds of reasons why what you claimed and owned was not such a good idea…… If you are not aware you might think you made a mistake…., did […]

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Decision is everything. How many times have you wanted to make a change but couldn’t? How many times did you say to yourself and to others that you will……, yet you didn’t? How many times have you truly really wanted something yet could not get to seeing yourself actually have it. No matter what it […]

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Eat It R I P E :)

Annona. A sweet delicious mouthwatering fruit. Pure delight. When you eat it RIPE……, it will treat you to its juiciness and amazing flavour. When you are in a hurry and eat it before it matures into the best it can be……., you will have MEH in your mouth. Lol. Or even blurgh! That’s for the […]

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When we express ourselves freely we are making it easier for ourselves to breathe to be to enjoy. Expressing is our OXIGEN.  It is.  When we express our essence our truth freely without trying to mold it or without trying to make it into something we want…………….,  we are actually letting ourselves BE WHO WE […]

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When I was a little girl my father used to make pomegranate juice for me – a freshly squeezed right before my eyes pure pomegranate juice. I remember it to this day: big strong hands squashing a hard shelled fruit. To this little girl this was something only her father could do, this was something […]

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