Human Kindness

Don’t you just LOVE witnessing human kindness? I mean not somewhere out there, happening to someone else, but right here in your own life. Yes I know humans are capable of many unkind behaviours, and we see everywhere living proof of it. I KNOW. But, at the very same time there are human beings right […]

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Inner Knowing For Ease

Why it always pays off to go with your inner knowing. Why your Higher Self always knows best. Why it is important to be tuned in, into Y O U, the Y O U of Y O U. Lol. Many times I have been looked at as if I am from another planet, when stressing […]

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Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

December is my favourite month of the year! Not because of presents. 😳 Not because of saying goodbye to the year and welcoming the new. 🍾 Not all the wrap-ups and new beginnings that inevitably happen on a massive scale since so many people are reevaluating their decisions and their life……. 💃 December is my […]

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Out Of Control 😜

It’s tricky so tricky really. When you claim something as your own. The ego will be so not ok with it that you’ll be bombarded with all kinds of reasons why what you claimed and owned was not such a good idea…… If you are not aware you might think you made a mistake…., did […]

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Decision is everything. How many times have you wanted to make a change but couldn’t? How many times did you say to yourself and to others that you will……, yet you didn’t? How many times have you truly really wanted something yet could not get to seeing yourself actually have it. No matter what it […]

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