Just Dance

When you are dancing with someone, how do you DO IT? 🙂 Are you trying to make them dance in a certain way, to have the dance you think you are supposed to have….? Or, are you just dancing? Are you trying to control the whole dance…….., or are you just dancing? Are you trying […]

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Meeting Solar Needs

Nothing more sexy than a man who meets your needs by genuinely giving you the exact thing you need. Not what he thinks you need or might need or you think you need or might need. No. Simply what you need,  exactly that. Not staying there thinking deciding doubting contemplating, but taking action right away. […]

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L e a p.

Leap. Sometimes we just have to leap. Into whatever, whenever, however. Not knowing what will come next. Not knowing how things will unfold. The little me always wants guarantees. It always wants proof. It always wants to know what will come out of ‘this’. It always wants to know how,  and which way………, in advance. […]

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Your Creative Expression

Life is like riding a bicycle.  In order to keep your balance you have to keep moving. Sometimes it is hard to do the things we really want to do. If you are creative you must have faced this more than once. 🙂 You want to create something and – or but lol –  you […]

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Your Heart

Whatever you want you’ve got it. Remember the song?! It just came to me as I was writing the first line: Anything you want, you’ve got it. Anything at all, You’ve got it. Baaaaaayyyyyyyyy-BE! This very sentence was shown to me yesterday. I smiled. Thank you. There are certainly areas where I haven’t felt I […]

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Crazy You

I hear it so often: You are crazy. Weird. Not normal. Lol. I hear it all the time. It sounds kinda crazy, weird, not normal to me, lol, hearing them say that. Lol. Some mean it in a ‘good’ way, some mean it in a ‘bad’ way, but it all comes down to one thing. […]

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Love Waves

I was hunting for shells this Easter Sunday. I know. Haha. Early in the morning, right after the sun had gone up, I went out for a stroll to gather some of these beauties. 🐚 I love everything that is Ocean. There is something about the Ocean that shows us all we need to know […]

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