Are you choosing the blue sky…….?

Went out for a walk yesterday and I saw such an impressive sight, a sight I had never seen before. At least not as pronounced, as loud and clear.
The sky was showing a split.

A grey filled with heavy clouds area, and an area with bright blue sky filled with white fluffy clouds.

Two completely different realities at the same time, co-existing, sharing the same sky. 

The grey area also looked like a blanket covering, not so tightly though, a bright blue sky reality.
And this is the same picture we see in life! πŸ™‚

So much is being cleared for us and is coming up to the surface to leave the system – be it our society or our individual lives – that it can feel as if this ‘grey blanket’ that is being pulled off of us is all there is, and is all we are.
But it is not.

It is just a blanket. 

A blanket that is skillfully being pulled off of us, individually and collectively.
It is being taken care of. 

So that you and I in the meantime can enjoy our bright blue sky.

Look, at the bright blue sky with fluffy white clouds of you and of us. And let the grey be!

All the shades of it. πŸ˜‰




Drum roll pleeeeeeaaaaaaseeee……!

No matter where you are at this point……

You’ll love what I have created for you!

Detox Your Life Challenge – to move from cluttered to free, and to create more space for you and what you love.

I am super excited about this one since I know the power of a good detox. 😜

Check it out it’s πŸ’–here!


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