Ok To Go ‘Slow’

There is a control mechanism that the ego has, that wants to change the way things are and that is never ok with what is.When there is ‘too much’ going on it will try to change that. When there is ‘not enough’ going on it will do the same. 
But how about just taking what is and ignoring the ego’s judgments? How about listening very carefully to what is being presented right in front of you and making the best of that?
When there is ‘nothing happening’ according to the ego, and it tries to tell you to *now* fill it with stuff, how about just taking a deep breath and a good look at: 
How can I use this to my advantage?
If there is space created in your life – when there is seemingly nothing going on – maybe it is to catch up or to get ready or…….
Just take a good listen and feel into what you CAN do right now in this space, and what you are asked to do…..
Otherwise, if you ignore this space and fill it with whatever, next thing you know you are completely unprepared for what will come next.
Because you didn’t listen.
Life is not always G O.
Sometimes it is S L O W. 🐌
Slow so that you can catch up with you. 
Slow so that you can move all that no longer serves out of the way. 

Slow so that you can create some. 

Just s l o w so that you can get enough rest. 

Before it is go again.

S L O W doesn’t mean do nothing. 
S l o w means do what is very important right now.
Not according to the ego.
But according to you.




Drum roll pleeeeeeaaaaaaseeee……!


No matter where you are at this point……

You’ll love what I have created for you!

Detox Your Life Challenge – to move from cluttered to free, and to create more space for you and what you love.

I am super excited about this one since I know the power of a good detox. 😜

Check it out it’s 💖here!


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