Who Will Show You The Way? ;)

Every time we are at crossroads looking to go beyond what we have known seen and experienced in our life, we are often in the proverbial dark. 

Knowing we need a change and want to make the change, we start to look for direction. 

Often we turn to other humans for insights advice and clarity, be it through the books we read or conversations we have with friends acquaintances and family. 

But what if all that direction and insight and advice is far from perfect for you? What if the well meaning person who wants to help you can not see the whole picture and thus can only help you to the best of their ability, and that is not enough? 

What if that person who wrote the book, no matter how many millions have read it, has a limited view on the subject offering you only a small part of the wisdom pie that is available to you at any time?

When we are at crossroads looking for direction in life, when we are faced with change and venturing into the unknown, when we are dealing with a challenge that seems beyond our comprehension and ability to move through it with ease and grace, what if in all these situations we choose to use the greatest assistance there is – the helpers of the universe?

What if you turned – every time – first to the beings that are here to assist you, and counted on them to help you? 

What would your life look like and how would it change if you let yourself befriend true friends who can assist you in a clear way offering you unexpected solutions to situations you didn’t even know you had on your hands.

What would it be like to let yourself be surrounded more closely and more vividly and palpably by the Angels and the Archangels and Ascended hosts? What if you started to treat them like friends, real true loyal helpful friends, which they are.

There are so many light beings surrounding each human walking on this planet Earth, and many are just waiting for you to engage them to befriend them to use their help and to work together with you.

It is so easy that once you get accustomed to it you will wonder how you did manage to live without them so clearly present in your life, and what on earth you were thinking when you were not using this amazing potential that was at your disposal all along. 

You will like it so much you will never ever want to be or do without.

Your first stop for insight and advice will always be Heaven on Earth.

There is nothing wrong with getting inspiration from other fellow humans and there is nothing wrong with hearing their perspective but the only clear true guidance comes from within and we can uncover that by starting to work together with the realms of light.




Drum roll pleeeeeeaaaaaaseeee……!


No matter where you are at this point……

You’ll love what I have created for you!

A Detox Your Life Challenge – to move from cluttered to free, and to create more space for you and what you love.

I am super excited about this one since I know the power of a good detox. 😜

Check it out it’s πŸ’–here πŸ™‚!


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