Xpress YourSelf!

Why are you so ecstatic about these pancakes…???!!!!!

The girl who was passing me the comment did not understand this.

I on the other hand, did not understand her question.

Very amusing situation but berry berry common I must say.

Whether I am dancing in the isles at the supermarket (which happens a lot because, why wait when your body is moved to move…..?)

Whether I am exclaiming in pleasure when tasting some amazing foods

Whether I just can’t stop singing and dancing and jumping for joy wherever I am

There is always always a person – at least one – not able to handle it, resonate with it, enjoy it.

Lots of times there are people who feel ashamed, embarrassed, sometimes trying to control the unstoppable energy finding its way through me as an expression of passion for life.

And so what….?

Lots of people can’t handle the expression of freedom, passion, excitement, joy.

Simply because no-one taught them that it was ok, they were taught to curb their enthusiasm, shut themselves up and down, not drive others crazy, and just be quiet.

Be quiet and we’ll love you. That is the message most of us received while growing up. 

But they lied.

We went quiet and still we were not loved. We gave up our fullest expression and still they didn’t love us. 

Because they could not. 

Because they were not. 

And the ones before them. 

And the ones before THEM. And so on and on and on.

Let’s not continue this!

Let’s not be quiet for love. Love doesn’t want you to. 

It loves you already. 

Let’s just be us. Always.

Next time you have a choice…….


Don’t curb your enthusiasm,

Don’t dim your light,

Don’t hold back your ecstasy.

Just. Be. You.


The world needs you.

It needs your light.






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