Let It Flow Let It Flow Let It Flow!

If you are like me, then you love to do things from and with and in flow. 

Flow is all you care about. 

If there is no flow in your daily life you feel a bit off. When you create something and it doesn’t flow from within you, from your core…., it’s not good enough.

Because you don’t want to live from your head, you don’t want the thinking, the ideas, the beliefs create your art (and it can be anything from painting, cooking to writing, business, anything truly) but you want YOU to create it.

YOU that is the essence, the very core of you, your heart, your soul, your spirit. 

You don’t want anything else to come between you and creations that seek to be expressed through you.

Because when you let that essence find the way to your computer screen / paper through your keyboard / pen, then it flows, it makes sense, and you feel good afterwards.

Isn’t it ironic that when you ’empty yourself out’ and let your art come through, you feel fuller than before (but in a good way…!)?

It’s because you are letting yourself express and flow. That is all to it.

I remember when I was not doing that at all. Express creatively. Create. Let my heart speak. Show what I cared about.

I wouldn’t even let myself hear it.

It was hidden, unspoken, unexpressed, piling up because I was not letting it out.

And all that piling up of creative F L O W stuff, all those things I was not taking seriously, and not expressing, all that lead to feeling stuck, unsatisfied, unhappy, not quite myself.

Because, let’s face it. 

If you keep it all in and it ain’t going back to where it came from, then it will get somewhat unbearable in there. A bit like trying to keep the lid on a pan that is getting more and more filled with steam.

I’m glad I sorted that one out because I feel happier, healthier, and more creative for it.

Not that I wasn’t creative before. But it was an untrained, even UNKNOWN muscle to me.

Whatever it is that you have been tickled to do, whatever the repetitive ideas that you’ve been brushing off, whatever the thoughts you have about your creativity…….

Just take those things that keep presenting themselves inside of you, and run with it. 

For a while. And see what happens.

Happy F L O W I NG!
Be You




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