Expressing Your Passion

Prince. 💃
I have been sharing a lot about Prince with anybody and everybody who loved to hear about what I had to say. 

Because after His Royal Purpleness’ passing I found myself compelled to find out all about this artist, every single day.

How he lived his life, how he created his Purple World where he was Prince, and how he did all of this by himself. 

Of course, he was assisted along the way, obviously, but the fueling of it all with his vision, his passion, his drive to create from the heart and share it with the whole wide world……. 

That was all HIM. And that is very very remarkable. 

What stroke me most while watching & reading all the interviews, and watching his concerts, videos and listening to his music and his lyrics very attentively, taking it all in…….

…….ah there were so many things but…….

……the thing that stroke me THE most was:

How shy he was. 

And how bold he was. 

At the same time.

And that is inspiring for all the sensitive people out there.

If Prince could do it – with such EXTREME shyness taking his RIGHTFUL place in such a tough harsh world of the music business – then so can Y O U.

The thing that made it possible for him was that he didn’t accept anything less than….. 

Honouring his talent, his passion. And all the rest came from there. Also getting over the shyness. It is what it is.

Whatever it is that is keeping you from honouring you, your passion, your talent, just get over it. 

Your L I F E is waiting. 

Start sharing you today. 

And you’ll love what will unfold from there.

Please don’t do it for the sake of the outcomes though.

Do it to let yourself be you. 

Whatever will come from it.

Until next time,



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