To Follow Or Not To Follow? That Is The Question! ❤️


How many are you following and why……?

Is what and who YOU are following contributing to your highest and best good?

Is it making your day your life better?

In any way?

How are you spending your precious energy?

Are you spending it to create more beauty more love in your world, or are you spending it on being distracted from it?

Whatever it is that you read watch hear etc is either contributing to you living your fullest potential or distracting you from it.

Of course, even letting yourself be distracted most of the time is also contributing to you living your fullest potential. But why would you take that longer route to you being who you are and being fullest expression and living the fullest potential of who you are.

In the recent months I have continuously been cleaning up my newsfeed. I unfollowed many during this time.

When I asked myself – why did I unfollow these women – this number of women who have a big following, who are ‘popular’ online……? (Lol social media does feel like being back in school sometimes!)

Am I not in some kind of trigger situation here? 

Check: no I am not. Simply, there is no added value for me. 😃

Their sharings because of this become fillers.

For me.

Of course, they may be very inspirational value adding for some and many others, but for me they are not and for this reason I have no business following them.

Makes sense?

Does it inspire you? Does it light you up? Does it assist you with getting the best out of you? Is it making your life better in some way? Does it bring you closer to Y O U?

If the answer is yes, then you have added value. 

If no, then not. 

No brainer. 😂




Do you want to create space for you and be more aligned with what is important to you?

Join the Detox Your Life Challenge

an  eight week journey of making space for you by letting go of what is no longer adding value to you and your life.

It is starting this Sunday!

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