When You Are Stuck

When nothing works in life. When things feel stuck. When everything just won’t budge…..

It is time to create very consciously, some space and some movement.

Not by pushing or pulling.

Not by imposing your will upon you and your life.

But simply by clearing out.

By letting go.

By moving out everything you feel is not bringing you joy.

By removing all objects, from your space that have no value for you.

Etc etc etc

It doesn’t have to be a big operation.

Not a conquest so that you can win from your ‘clutter’.


It can be as simple as clearing out your drawer.

Or your cabinets.

Or your purse.

Then you’ll see that things will start to feel lighter.

Things will start to open up.

Things will start to flow.

And it is like the butterfly effect.

A tiny thing you think doesn’t matter, doesn’t count, will make all the difference.

In your life.




Today I have opened the doors to the Detox Your Life Challenge for 19 euros only!

Offer open until NOON March 1st (London time).

Detox Your Life Challenge is an eight week journey of making space for you by letting go of what is no longer adding value to you and your life.



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