Love Is In The Air!!!!


Love is in the air.

All the time.

When we feel it, know it, sense it.

And when we don’t.

Love is in the A I R we breathe.

Love is in our bones, our blood, our every cell, our dna.

What do you have for breakfast…..?

Is it love?

What do you feed yourself?

Every day. Every friggin’ day and night.

Is it love?

Or do you find some stuff that brings you down and feed yourself that?

Love is real food. Fear is not.

Love creates miracles, creates change, creates more love.

Everything that love touches, very subtly, grows. 

Love grows more love.

Love removes all that is unnecessary.

Love heals all it touches.

Brings food to all the hungry places.

Love shines the light where there is darkness.

It brings comfort. It brings joy. Clarity. And passion.

Love conquers all, when all seems lost.

Love wins every time.

Whatever the question, there is no answer.

Except L O V E.

And where do we find it – L O V E?

Right In The H E A R T.

In the centre of the chest.







PS 💎

Want to work with me one on one?

Send a message to find put more.



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