F l o w

Is our natural state.

It is how we operate.

It is the easy way.

Unless you want to struggle.

Otherwise there’s F L O W.

You C A N f l o w.


Every time you feel you are ‘seemingly out of it’ you can flow.

Every single time.

Only when there is some obstruction FLOW at times feels chaotic.

Just like the waves rushing to the shore, and breaking violently on a rock, when meeting it………

……….when there’s ‘obstruction’ you will flow………

………and less gently, but you will f l o w.

Flow is everything.

It is in everything.

Feel your flow…., 

let it embrace you, 

carry you, 

guide you.

It will bring you to your shore very naturally.

If you let it.

Let it F L O W.

💕 💕 💕 💕

V i o l e t


Want to work with me one on one?

Please send a message to find out more.

There’s still space in the Detox Your Life Challenge, and you can join if you feel for it here.



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