When chaos seems to reign….


Does it happen in your life?

I bet it does.

No matter how much stress factors I eliminate there are always days that go a bit in a chaotic fashion. Sometimes a bit a lot. πŸ™‚

In earlier days I used to get upset about it.

Life was meant to flow smoothly in harmony. And if there was no harmony in the way I was going about my day…….


There must be something wrong with it.


I now know for sure – Thank God – or whole Universe – that I can go about my day in whatever way.

And that way is perfect. 

For that day.

Because that is the exact way that my day unfolded, took form,

with all the resources I had at my disposal,

in time energy and timing,

doing the best I could, to the best of my ability in the moment, at that time.

And that my friend is more than enough.

I showed up.

I did the stuff I felt called to do.

I did it to my best ability.

At the time.

It is not an indication of my fullest potential.

It is not an indication of the fullest potential of my day.

It is an indication of what could be created in that tiny moment.

Nothing more nothing less.

A day of flow in my life.

The chaotic way.

Ha ha.





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