Are You Buying Into The 😜Mind…?

Are you buying into all the stuff that passes through your mind….?

Are you believing every single thing about you that your mind generates?

Do you realize it is operating from gathered beliefs information and energies from 😳 outside sources?

Outside sources that have absolutely nothing to do with you?

Do you know what impact you are letting theses things have on your life and the way you live it?

Do you actually fully really truly deeply and clearly realize how different your life would be and how great you would feel about yourself,

if only,

you did not buy that stuff?

I do not mean fighting the thoughts.

I do not mean changing them.

I do not mean pretending they are not there.

Just what do I mean?

Well simply very simply really…..,

…….letting them have their party,

do their thing.

While knowing who you are.

And knowing about what you are not.

Whatever the mind is telling you – It is part of Old Stuff.

It is not you.

Never ever is it who you are.


Y O U,

YOU are great.

Let yourself feel into that.

And whatever objections the mind comes up with, upsetting the emotional body…….

It Is Not You.

It Has Nothing To Do With You.

It is just the mind doing what it knows how to do best.

Barking up the wrong tree.

You are You.

No mind can change that.





Want to work with me one on one?

Please send a message to find out more!

There’s still space in the Detox Your Life Challenge, and you can join if you feel for it here.



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