Working hard! You? :)

Have you been taught to work hard to get xyz…..?
Have you been taught that this is the only way, T H E way……?

And have you been taught about what it is that can make your dreams come true……?

Hard work right?

But, so many people work so very very hard……..

Just take a look around you.

They all work so bloody hard and………

…..are they living a life they dreamed of?

Does it even remotely look like living a dream life?

Or, does it even look maybe a little like they are moving in the direction of their dreams?

They probably are too exhausted from……

…..working hard.


What if I told you that realizing your dreams has little to do with….. working hard?

Investing endlessly your energy attention time in your dreams – yes. 

Working hard – no. 

I was thinking of the Ocean this morning, and how the waves arrive at the shore constantly, guaranteed. 

This is how creator consciousness, Universe, whatever you call it, works for us.

It is constantly giving us everything we need.

We don’t have to work hard for it, just like the shore doesn’t have to work hard to receive the waves. 

It’s a given.

I know it for a fact.

I also know this analogy may not work all the way but I do hope you get the picture.

Universe wants you to succeed.

It wants you to thrive.

To flourish.

To bloom endlessly.

Unfolding all the petals of your beautiful life and your dreams and you.

All the time.

It doesn’t want you to slave yourself.

To pay your dues.

So that you can earn your right……

……to receive…….

…… enjoy………

………to play……….

…….letting your dreams come to life and watching them grow bigger and bigger.

You don’t have to earn. Anything.

All you have to do is:


That is, if you want your life to be bigger than you.

Bigger than the little you.

That is scared.

Scared of how great Y O U are.

Life does not have to be hard or hard work.

Only if you want it to.

But in case you want to go the easy way, you have to partner with flow.

It will bring you to all the places and give you all the things you need,

to be creating your dream life all the time,

no hard work at all.




Want to work with me one on one?

Please send a message to find out more!



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