Stepping Up.

I was talking with a dear friend today and I am amazed at how everyone is challenged to step up.

Step up when it comes to what it is that we do and do not choose to be a part of our life.

How much are we willing to sacrifice and for how long while tolerating certain situations in our life that we are deep down inside not ok with.

It is time to step up. 

Step more fully into what we feel aligned with.

Step more fully into who we are and run with it.

Say very openly and honestly to ourselves what it is that we really truly no longer want to have reappear in our life.

What it is that we want to F E E L different, to B E different.

The time of Easter carries the energy of resurrection. 

And resurrection means standing up as the greater bigger version of you.

It means leaving behind all that is part of the smaller contracted restricted and limited little you.

It is a time of spreading the wings, and making room so that you can fly.

It is time to stand up.

Stand up as you.

And run with it.

Leaving all the stuff that no longer complements you far and far behind.

It is time to spread the wings and fly.

Happy flying.




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