Never Mind The Rules…….!

Do you know what the biggest thing is that is holding artists and other creatives back?

The idea of breaking the rules, and its consequences.

Most consequences never happen though because they are just creations of the egoic mind, nothing more.

If you follow rules though, you can never create that which you are meant to create. 

That which wants, seeks to be expressed through you.

Ditch the rules and you find yourself in creative space where anything is possible.

True artists create breaking the rules. 

They might not mean to break the rules, they are simply creating freely that which comes through them.

And that is never governed by rules. 

A true artist may seem to be a rule breaker but they are not – they are simply creator.

And that is that.

Who made the rules anyway?

Who gets to say how you choose to live, love, create, do business etc?

Who else but you and only you has this authority in your life?

You and only have what it takes, including the inspiration from within, the inspiration of Universe, to make your own path.

No need to repeat others. 

Certainly no need to play your game by someone else’s rules.

Your life is waiting.

Get on board.

As Y O U.




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