Are you enjoying Universe’s inspiration?

How do you honour the inspiration you receive from Universe?

It often comes in ways we can dismiss easily thinking it is not inspiration but some stupid ideas thoughts thinking we have running through our head.

But isn’t it very ironic that the very voice that is telling us it is the case, is not us but our ego.

It is always ready to dismiss any universally generated idea/inspiration.

We can believe it if we don’t pay attention.

Often it will mean we are missing an opportunity to open up more to expand and to express our very creative nature.

So how is it possible to make sure this doesn’t happen?

Ha, simply by not doing it lol.

Tuning in, being attentive and testing out the ideas.

On repeat.

When we do that, we get more and more intimate with Universe.

And that means more inspiration more clarity more truth and certainly more much more fun.

It is FUN to be on one team with Universe, and it is even more fun to do it consciously.

So whatever the thoughts ideas you have that are occurring to you or reoccurring……

……..just act on them, and do it in whatever way is available to you at this moment.

Just think of anything – anything will do. 

The subject doesn’t matter, the area of your life doesn’t matter. 

As long as you are picking up the signal. And acting on it.

Give it a try.

Maybe there’s a book that you’ve been drawn to read. 

Maybe there is a class you’ve been drawn to join. 

Maybe there is a friend you’ve been drawn to connect with more. 

Maybe there is something you’ve been drawn to write.

Anything will do.

As long as it is coming from you.

Have fun with it!





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