Create Today! 💎

Today is a beautiful day.

Today is the perfect day to create whatever it is you wish to create.

I am sure you have at least one thing on your mind.

Go and do it.

And then you’ll want to do some more.

More ideas will come.

More creativity will flow.

You will be excited to wake up in the morning and create.

Because nothing compares to bringing into this world what it is that you’d love to share.

Nothing compares to the excitement of anticipation – ‘what will come next out of me?’

Because creativity has no ideal no agenda. It just flows.

It flows because it wants to be expressed through you.

It flows because that is the true purpose of Y O U – to be its vessel.

It flows because that is what the world needs.

Creativity is run by the Universe.

It channels its energy through all individuals to make their life flourish, to make all around you flourish to.

Do give it credit.

Do listen to it.

Pay attention.

Master going with the flow of it.

Love it.

Cherish it.

It’s 💎.



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