Hello God! 😜

Do you ever talk to God?

Rant and all?!

Do you have regular honest open no hiding conversations with God?

You see, to God you can say anything, and with no consequences.

Because, friends and all, and any other humans – just great.

There are people who are there for you and who will listen.

But in truth the only one who can help you – with anything – is God.

Or Universe. 

Or whatever you call God.

Maybe you don’t have a name for ‘it’.

But you must admit that there is something that is greater than ‘life’ greater than life as you know it.

I’m sure you have experienced at least one moment in your life that you felt that.

It is something that governs all life and takes care of anything that you might have a challenge with.

And too bad if you are not tapping into that help that is always available to you.

Help from God.

I don’t know what I would do if I had no God to go to!

So to come back to that talking.

Often when you speak with friends, you might not say all in complete transparency.

It might be because you feel fearful of being judged – even when there is no reason for this.

It might also be because you don’t want them to worry.

It might be because you don’t want to expose them to rants.

Etc etc

So God is the perfect place to go.

I must tell you, God is so ok with rants.

‘This f%#^* sucks.’ God knows its way with that.

Just go ahead and tell God what is not working in your life.

Tell God all the things you are upset about.

Upset so much so that you have started to feel numb.

Or that you have no idea which way to go in your life.

Or that you feel deserted.

Or desperate.

Or fearful.


God knows all that.

It is not for God that you are having this conversation.

But for you.

You no longer pretending to be ok.

Not that you are not ok.

But sometimes you pretend that things are different from the way they are.

You pretend you are not upset.

You pretend you do not feel discouraged.

You pretend that you are content with the way things are.

You pretend, pretend, and pretend some more.

So stop pretending.

Start being open and honest and clear, with God and YOU.

Then things will open up in big ways.




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