Growing In Mastery…..!

Do you compare yourself to others?

Especially when you are just starting out as a dancer, writer, painter…., or learning a new language…..?

Do you look at someone in their mastery and compare it to your beginnings?

Letting your ‘results’ seem insignificant.

Letting your level of Mastery be a joke.

But…… it is all the mind, the egoic mind……

Not the mind that helps you learn and understand things logically.

No, the egoic mind that always compares.

It will always find something at fault to convince you to not expand beyond what it knows.

That is very scary territory to the egoic mind.

But not to you.

To you it is something exciting that will bring you new experiences, fulfillment, fun.

And that is why you have to not buy into the egoic mind.

Mind you, comparing your beginnings to someone’s mastery is unfair.

It’s unfair because you haven’t been able to invest as much as they have (yet) to have dramatic improvement.

It’s also unfair because even if you have, there’s still your unique path that is organic.

And it is important to honour that.

We never see the humble beginnings of those who reach high levels of mastery.

All we see is them being at the height of their mastery.

But that mastery started with very small clumsy steps and – because the person allowed themselves this learning curve period – became something amazing.

It takes a lot of doing creating and creating again, to become masterful in any art.

And it also takes a lot of letting yourself be ‘imperfect’ and express as you are, free from judgment, comparison and attachment to what comes out.

Regardless of the ‘level’ of mastery that you have.




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