When The Day Is #%^~<*

Sometimes we have days that seem challenging. More challenging than we would want our days to be.

Sometimes we can feel there is too much going on.

Too much to handle.

Too much to carry.

Too much to go through.

Well, Universe always wants what’s best for us.

It always does what’s in our highest and best good.

And right now that means that if you want to free yourself, to move forward, to step up, to finally enjoy own and live the freedom that is your birth right, the happiness that you crave, the health that you desire, the wealth that you yearn for, and the wellbeing that you long for……

If you asked for an uplevel in your life in any of these or any other ways…..

That means that Universe got it and is working at it.

If you ask for a true love relationship, you can expect to be faced with releasing lots of garbage as a result.

It’s just Universe setting you up for success, by clearing you out.

And that is how the stuff of upleveling works.

We ask to uplevel.

And we get to uplevel.

Very often that means that everything that is in the way has got to go.

And sometimes – too often perhaps – it’s forgotten.

And that is why it’s sometimes hard to go through the challenging days, when you feel off…… Very off sometimes.

Upleveling. That’s what it is.

More of you replacing what you are not.

Want to redecorate the house….?

Expect to get rid of everything no longer serving it and you.

Getting rid of garbage.

That’s what Universe is doing for you……

When you don’t know what hit you.

So instead of going into the victim mode or trying to fix the way you feel or push through it…….

Just get yourself some rest. And breathe. In and Out.

That is all.

Universe has got you.

And your uplevel.




Want to work 1 on 1 with moi….?

Send a message! 😀



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