How Happy Are You.

Someone asked me yesterday how happy I am.


I answered 9,9 on the scale of 10.


Is that possible? Lol.

It IS.

Does this mean that I am always on cloud 9?

Not really.

I have stuff happen in my life daily too just as anybody else.

Challenges come, challenges go.

But I S T A Y.


Resting in the essence of who I am.

No matter what is going on I know that it can’t touch who I A M.

And it is a feeling that is liberating.

It means that I can be and feel happy regardless of the shapes that come and go in my daily life.

It means that I can feel happy no matter what I do or don’t have.

No matter what weather forecast.

No matter what I ‘achieve’ or don’t.

Of course it doesn’t mean that I never experience frustration, fear, pain, or feeling blue for no reason.

That is as natural in life right now as the different weather patterns that change the appearance of the sky every day.

But only the appearance, the sky always remains itself.

There is always so much going on, on the surface.

But underneath that surface there is always the M E that is radiant brilliant and nothing but L O V E.

That is what I wish for Y O U to have too.

It is accessible to anyone.

Anyone with a H E A R T.

I l o v e you.




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