Gifts From Universe.

I am always amazed at how Universe works.

I am always amazed at what Universe surprises me with.

All I have to do is say Y E S to it and to whatever it wants to gift me with.

It is always amazing.

And I am amazed.

You see, so many times when you ask Universe for something and get it…….

It’s great.

But it’s never as sweet as the taste of a gift you never expected.

A gift you didn’t know you even wanted. 

And would enjoy. And L O V E.

It happened so many times that I got what I asked for, and I didn’t feel as excited about it as I expected I’d be.

We imagine things sometimes in a way that is distorted.

In a way that is not based in truth.

But Universe always knows truth. 

It is truth.

It knows so much better what we can have and what we want.

Universe can see beyond our idea of what is available and accessible to us, and the perfect order for things to happen in our life.

We can’t see that.

This is why Universe’s surprises are always the best!

It takes a huge letting go to say to Universe Y E S, I want that what you want to gift me with – without knowing what we are saying yes to.

The ego is fearful.

It doesn’t like surprises.

But you do.


Test it out, give it a try.

Universe N E V E R E V E R disappoints.

I promise!




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