Accepting Expression Of You

What do you do when at crossroads……?

Do you allow Spirit to come through and guide you?

Do you anxiously try to fill up the space – space of the unknown……?

Is it easy for you to allow yourself to rest in this space of not knowing……

This space of sweet anticipation of what comes next…….

This space where you are about to birth into….. something amazing that comes from the depth of your own soul your own being your true real passion your heart your Spirit……?

Are you ready to let that Spirit of Y O U to pour itself out of and through this vessel that is your body for CREATOR CONSCIOUSNESS to be expressed through….?

Do you easily let it come first?

Because I’m telling you – that’s the best way of honouring Y O U, as Y O U.

Letting yourself express, as the Spirit that you are.

Letting yourself surrender to that which you know not.


You do but you haven’t seen it manifest yet.

And that is about to change…….

Because whenever you let go, and make space for Y O U R E X P R E S S I O N to come through……..

The Universe is at your fingertips……

Because it’s Y O U.

The Universe.






Have a nice d a y!





Want to work with me….?

Send a message.




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