Just Say Yes To Y O U.

Sometimes we just have to jump in and flow, without knowing how everything is going to work out.
The egoic mind always wants to know: what if this happens, what if that doesn’t happen.

What if I am taking the wrong step, choosing the wrong direction.

Or, what if I am taking the RIGHT step, choosing the right direction.

So often the most loving thing you can do for yourself, scares the ego the most.

But what if – putting right and wrong aside – just simply taking the step you feel called to take, is enough?

What if – even it’s not fully in your highest and best good – Universe will always redirect?

What if – considering you can always ask for help concerning clarity – you already know it’s a Y E S?

What if – knowing that, as far as inspiration goes – you always receive ideas that do serve you, and that are coming from your heart.

And what if the egoic mind will always do its best to control and thus to confuse…..?

Because in essence, Y O U always know what is for you and what is not.

Y O U always know what is good for you and what is not.

Y O U always know what is l o v e and what is not.

And Y O U always know the difference between coming from the heart and not.

Y O U know.

Y O U know the way.

Just tune in.




You know what is best for you.

And life is helping you.

Every step of the way.

But it is you that has to move.

Because it is you who is operating this body.


I ❤️ u.



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2 thoughts on “Just Say Yes To Y O U.

  1. Mira en tu interior y al firmamento no pienses, siente, camina hacia donde tú ser te diga, no discutas contigo, deja fuir lo q llevas dentro da oportunidades a alcanzar eso q te empuja cada amanecer. A ser mejor a sonreír. El miedo salta muy amenudo, es lógico, el miedo es natural y nuestra defensa para conservar lo que tenemos. No pienses, CAMINA. Q tus sueños se cumplan


    1. Carlos, thank you for your comment. Yes, fear appears very often to those who go beyond the comfort zone, in an attempt to keep the person inside the comfort zone. The trick is to know it and not let it fool you. 💜


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