………and that’s the subject 4 2day. 🙂

All About Love.

Where do I start…….?

It is so easy to L O V E and to be L O V E D.

How come humans make it so complicated?

How come the most relationships are so #%^*>€*+’!!!???

How many humans do you know who are truly happy together?

I mean fully completely utterly happy together?

Not in love. But happy.

Many people confuse being in love or falling in love with real love.

Makes me chuckle.

How can *falling* in love be love?

Love is rising growing expanding radiating multiplying all the good stuff and making everything better happier healthier.

How can *falling* in love be confused with that?

I think humans have lost connection to true everything, including true intimate relationships and what it feels like and looks like.

The instant culture is the driving force for many, including in love.

Instant this instant that instant ‘happiness’ and instant conflict.

People come together unconsciously and separate unconsciously, over and over and over again, deciding after a series of repetitions that love ‘hurts’, that love is ‘complicated’, that love is ‘trouble’.

I myself am no expert in how to make love relationships work.

But I do know one thing.

Love is amazing.

It is like water when you are thirsty.

A juicy fruit when you are hungry.

A shade when you are beaten down by the sun.

A warm blanket when you are cold.

It is a full heart.

It is an empty heart.

It is a feeling that all is well.

That you are fine. And ok.

It is a knowing that the other is there for you.

That you are their number one.

A knowing that whatever happens they let nothing truly really nothing in between you and them.

Knowing that the love between the two of you is their priority.

No matter how crazy silly bloody ridiculous the stuff that comes up in the day to day dealings with each other…….

…….they are there right by your side with an open heart.

And this is the only way a relationship can work.

On love.

Anything else won’t work, and will be an attempt to love.

Just like with someone who wants to win in the Olympics,

while putting other things first,

while not dedicating themselves fully,

while training whenever they please or when there is nothing better to do,


True love is all in.

And that takes courage.

Courage to show yourself fully to the other, the good the bad the ugly.

All in or nothing.

Just like the Olympics.

Real stuff requires real showing up.

In love.

In Olympics.

In life.




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