Sexual Expression

I see so many people not express their nature.

Wherever you go people are encouraged to be someone they are not and are distracted from their inner source of everything, including sexually.

Sexuality is such an intimate aspect of expressing yourself through the body and enjoying the material life, in the world of form……

Just like anything else, sexual expression is a true expression of the Spirit that you are, coming together with another Spirit that is expressing itself through its body……

It’s a unique expression, unique to you, to the moment, to where you are at in life, to who you are with……

Yet, instead of tuning into you, you are seeking for guidelines on the how, outside of yourself.

You are bombarded daily with rules and trends, through films, articles, books……

Take a look, almost every series on television, almost every film, almost every magazine etc is teaching you about sex.

You are buying it and letting yourself be robbed.

What you do, how often, with whom, when, how soon……

…….your body and your Spirit are the only authority on that, nobody else.

Yet so many people chase after the trends, after what will look cool to others, and what they score points with, with their friends. Often without realizing it.

And in the end you are doing it for others. 

You are using your body to satisfy the needs of the outside world, completely bypassing your own.

Wether you are a man or a woman, your body knows.

It knows who it wants to be with.

It knows how often.

It knows when.

It knows how long.

It knows how.

If you tune into that, you will find yourself deepening, expanding and becoming more and more aligned with what you really want.

Sexually and in any other area of your life.

Clarity comes from connecting with who you are, and from honouring the expression of that in the world, sexually and otherwise.

Junk food is junk food.

Food wise.

And sex wise.

Try out the real thing for a while and you will know the difference.

It’s worth going the distance for.



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