Mental confusion can create and does create d o u b t.

Not to mention all the emotional clutter that is held in our system.

It is a pity to let it affect and interfere with our natural state of clarity.

A state of clarity that creates and intensifies flow, alignment and creation of lots of wonderfulness in our life.

Being led by doubt means always missing a true expression of who we are.

It means creating in our life all kinds of situations that we do not want, love, and enjoy.

It means staying away from who we really are and living a life that is not truly ours, but the ego’s.

It means that we don’t get to experience the truth of who we are. And enjoy our essence, our love, our joy.

Doubt means death. Or, absence of life.

It’s ok to feel doubt, don’t get me wrong.

When it gets tricky is when we let it be our guide.

(When we) Let it be in charge of how we live our life and how we lead in our life.

Love on the other hand is a much better counsel, a much better guide, a much better adviser.

It guides us along a path that is aligned with what’s best for us every step of the way.

It creates for us a life we can truly enjoy and love.

It lights us up and guides us into clarity and truth of who we are.

It shows us where to go next, which way to turn, how to go about all the stuff we come across.

So when it creeps in or when it attacks and overwhelms, just go into your heart and stay there.

Until you feel clear.

Until you feel space.

Until you feel freedom.

Until you feel joy.

Doubt doesn’t live there.

There, it cannot exist.

It can only show up when we are ‘away’ from home – O U R H E A R T.

It helps to ask Universe to assist you with this doubt, and with clarity, and with truth.

And with acting from and with clarity truth and love in your life.

This way, doubt’s got nothing on you, baby.

Lots of Love



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