Do you give yourself permission to be who you are…..?

Permission to have all that you really truly want?

Permission to stand where Y O U want to stand?

Permission to D O what Y O U want to do?

Do you let yourself be RUN by the EGO?

Let it chase you down the road of acquiring what your ego wants?

Attractive boy/girl by your side to have fun with?

Meaningless objects to enhance the ego’s sense of ‘self’ with?

Or anything else that the ego considers worth having?

Do you let it tell you what you CAN and CAN’T have?

This, YES, ok, but THAT, that’s too much…..?

Or, do you let it dictate who to be with and whom not to be with……?

It has a lot of preferences and all of these preferences are not yours……

Living in an aligned way means going for Y O U R preferences, and letting the ego have its own pity party. 

But not at your expense.

When we want to go for something, the ego’s whip can be so strong that we bury that desire deep inside and consider it non-achievable.

While, in reality that desire that wish is a non-negotiable.

But, because the ego does not give us permission to go there, and we are afraid not to ask and just go, we assume it is a no go area for us.

We don’t even consider it.

We can’t even verbalize it.

We can’t even admit it.

Not even to ourselves.

Let alone to the whole world.

God forbid we go beyond the ego’s boundary of its comfort zone.

Imagine the punishment!!!!!


But, truth is we – OF COURSE – don’t need the ego’s permission to live as W E want to live.

Do you know that you can just sit down right now with a piece of paper and a pen, or whatever it is that you have available to write…….

……..and put down only those things on your list that you know believe or consider unachievable for you.

Just write down all the things you think you can’t and won’t have in life.

This is your gold.

If you dig deeper into what you’ve written down……..

…… will have a beautiful list of things you probably want but are too scared to admit that you do.

Try it out, and reveal yourself to you…..

…….so that you can give YOURSELF permission to go where you want to go, DO what you want to do, BE where you want to be………

No questions asked.

No apologies required.

No explanations needed.

Just Y O U being Y O U.

Nothing more nothing less.

Life as it should be.

Life as it is.

Life you were born for.

Y O U R L I F E.

Not the ego’s.

The ego has nothing to do with you.

Take your chance.

Give yourself the permission.

And fly into the sunrise……..

……..of your spirit, your being, your soul.

Just. Like. That.

Just Do It.




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