Choose What You Want

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.
You choosing what you truly want today?

Because whatever you choose, will grow.

It will grow into more of what you have chosen.

Of course, I am not saying this to ‘scare’ you because nothing is final.

You can choose again. 

You can go in a different direction at any given time.

Universe will redirect you every single time.

So no worries.


There’s nothing wrong (well, it’s advisable really lol) with taking a look at what you are choosing.

And if this is really what you want.

Is the relationship you choose to be in what you really want?

Honouring who you are?

Is the environment you are choosing what you want?

Is the home you live in, what you want?

I am not saying: take a look, notice it is not what you want and get upset about it.

What I am saying is: just take a look. Just notice. And take note.

You can then look at what you would like to be different.

And take note of that.

Not directly start to make big plans for a complete overhaul.

(Although you might……….)

Just notice. Take note.

Honour you.

You are born to be honoured.

Make sure you do that.

Make sure that every single thing you let into your life honours who you are.

Every single form.

Every single shape.

Things come and go.

Make sure it’s the things that honour you that replace the ones who leave.

It’s easy to settle for something that is less than what you really want.

Especially if you let the egoic mind convince you that what you really want is not achievable.

It is easy then to go one or more ‘floors’ down, and stay at floor 2, when you really want to stay at floor 19.

Or 20.

Or 100.

The view is not so bad, really.

And I don’t even know how to get to floor 19.

Or 20.

Or 100.

B U T!

Stop right there.

If you do this you will for sure not find the way to get to floor 19.

Or 20.

Or 100.

The only way to find out is to admit to yourself that floor 2 is not where you want to be.

Where you want to live your life.

Where you want to enjoy.

To grow.

To expand.


Admit and know that how to get to any floor you want……….
……….is by knowing this is what you want,

and by embarking on the journey right now……..

…… any small way you now know how.

Give it space, give it room, give it air…….

It will grow into something you really really truly wanted.

Or better.

And that……..

…… a guarantee.


I L O V E you.



Want to work with me one on one….?

Send a message….!



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