What it takes to be true to Y O U.

Many times in our lives – constantly really – Universe is assisting us with aligning with who we are.
Anything and everything is directed at that!

Bringing us all we require to be aligned and to stay aligned.

Being and staying aligned means that we have all the aspects of our lives as an expression of who we are.

No distortions.

No interferences.

No nothing that could possibly ‘change’ us.

Because as we are aligned we are true to who we really are.

We are not accepting things that bring us temporary relief (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but go for all that is real and true.

Not for what looks seems appears attractive…….

……..but what feels like it is ours.

No matter what it is – a relationship, a friendship, food, home, etc,

profession, all the leisure activities, social life……..

The list goes on and on.

Anything and everything is chosen because you KNOW it is FOR YOU. 

Not because it feels good but because it feels ALIGNED.

You don’t know WHY but you KNOW that something is a YES or a NO.

You can’t explain it, you can’t give reasons, you don’t see WHY it’s a yes or WHY it’s a no.

All you know is that it is.

Because it feels in alignment.

Or doesn’t.

And perhaps it takes a while to train this muscle.

How to feel what’s a YES and what’s a NO.

But it is not that hard.

Best thing is, the more you go for alignment……..

………the more alignment will go for you.


Things will start to rearrange themselves in your life,

without you having to do anything about it.

Jobs will be lost.

Relationships will end.

New things will present.

Because Universe is constantly aligning you and your life with Y O U.

With the real Y O U.

And when you start to work together with Universe,

it goes wild with this aligning thing.

Because all Universe wants…….

…… Y O U being Y O U.

That’s what you’re here 4.

To B U.

Anything else is a missing-the-point-of-why-you-are-here.

Missing the point – that would be a shame.

This is why Universe won’t get off your back until you GET IT.

And RUN with it.





Want to work with me 1 on 1?

Send a message…..!



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