Let Your Heart Soar! šŸŒ€

Universe is always taking care of US.

When we surrender all to Universe without holding back any piece where the ego seeks control,

Universe will dance US into all amazingness we can’t even imagine.

Universe seeks full and complete control over us so that it can bring us all that our hearts dream of and more.

Its ‘control’ is nothing like the ego’s control.

Universe wants us to expand, 

to breathe,

to grow,

to know more of who we are, 

to discover new amazingness continuously,

and it wants us to thrive.

Universe wants us to be free.

Universe wants us to play.

Universe want us to love.

Universe wants us to be loved.


It wants all the opposite.

It will try to fight Universe.

It will try to fight Universe in Y O U.

It will try to fight Y O U.

It is powerless.

But still it will try.

It will try to always keep you in check.

Within the limits of what it knows.

It will always want to keep you where you are.

Not to grow.

Not to expand.

Not to enjoy.

Not to love.

Not to be loved.

It will come up with 1000 reasons of why you can’t go where your heart calls you.

If you believe it, if you buy into it,

you will never ever go beyond what you have already experienced.

Because that’s what is familiar to the ego.

All that is new, all that can bring you experiences you’ve never had before, is unknown territory to the ego.

It has nothing to compare with and will reject anything and everything that is new.

But, if you never experienced true love – the case for most people – this will be unknown territory for the ego.

It will try to keep you from stepping into an experience that would bring you just that.

If you never experienced true expression of you – the case for most people – the ego will try to keep you from stepping into true expression of yourself.

It will always keep you in check.

Many people want a different life.

But how many have the courage to show up and face the fear that the ego is throwing at them?

How many are able to face themselves and take a stand for what they really want?

If you want a different experience from what you have already lived and known,

the only way is to step into the unknown.

To get ok with feeling uncomfortable.

Because that’s just the adjustments of the ego to what your heart is choosing to be.

We never know in advance how the new will unfold.

That’s the beauty of it.

Knowing everything in advance is interesting – and imperative – for the ego.

Otherwise it will not want to go ahead.

Not with the relationship.

Not with the business.

Not with the job.

Not with the move.

Not with……..

………you name it.

It wants all to stay the same.

But the heart……..

………..is a different matter.

The heart wants to dance.

To play.

To discover.

To expand.

It wants to grow in love.

It wants to EXPRESS.

The ego wants to impress, to hide, to contract.

Living from the heart means having everything you dream of, and more.

It means freedom.

It means l o v e.

It means there is nothing holding you back.

Nothing keeping you down.

Nothing weighing on you.

The heart is L I G H T.

The heart is L O V E.

The heart if F R E E D O M.

The heart is J O Y.

The heart is P E A C E.

It is PURE E X P A N S I O N.


C O M P A S S I O N.


And it will give you access to all the love that is there for you to receive and to give.

You just have to keep it o p e n.

That is all.

Letting the ego with no chance but give way to it,

because with an open heart the ego cannot control.


Of y o u r L I F E.

Life is waiting.

For you.

To say yes.

To L O V E.

To F R E E D O M.

To F L O W.

To Y O U.

It is waiting to play with you, 

to dance with you,

to take you by the hand and

to lead you to places you haven’t been before.

And that, is a true adventure of the heart.

Let your heart free.

It wants to soar.


I L O V E Y O U.





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