Truth About Cats :)

Women are like cats.

Many people say they don’t get cats.

Because of that they don’t like them.

They say cats are unpredictable.

They can claw you any time.

Just like that, out of the blue.


Actually, spending time with a cat – and I mean quality time 😉 – is a good way to learn how to be with a woman.


Cats are actually very predictable.

Very clear.

Very true.

They will never do anything that they feel is not what they want.

They will only let you caress them when they feel they want to be caressed.

And when they want to be caressed and you are not showing up, they will make sure you get the message so that they get what they want.

Cats are very tuned in and they communicate in a very clear way.

If you don’t pay attention to the subtle (not so subtle to the cat lol) signs…….

……well, the claw will come out.

Cats can feel it very well when someone is touching them to receive or to give.

If you are petting the cat for your own pleasure and not to connect and to give…….

…….the cat will leave, or the claw will come out.

Or both.

And same will happen if you are not giving the cat the attention she deserves.

The cat doesn’t ‘need’ you.

It will not change its ways just because you feed her.

All she knows is that you are very lucky she’s giving you access to her and her kingdom.

A cat is not a dog.


It will not be ok with whatever you do.

Only if you treat her as the queen that she is……….

……….will you be able to enjoy all the magnificence she can bestow upon you.

And that is the truth.

A cat is pure enjoyment.

Pure pleasure.

Pure bliss.

She is worth going the distance for.









That’s all cat.





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Send a message!



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