Just Keep Dancing ✨

When I first started with tango, and was dancing every chance I could get – which was 3-4-5 times a week – I very soon felt lost and confused.

Tango was new to me.

I knew nothing.

I was dancing with many different dance parters constantly.

Each of them had their style, their dance, their way.

And all this information was confusing to me.

I also felt lost when it came to what MY way was.

It was so so intense.

I thought of giving up.

Because I didn’t want to live in confusion all the time.

And frankly, with all this intensity going on, I though I’d be better off taking a break from it. 

Luckily, I talked with my teacher before taking action.

I shared how confused I was.


How I felt I was losing myself in all the dances and PARTNERS.

And what she said was:


Just keep going.

It is just a phase.

It will pass.

It is normal that you feel confused.

Happens all the time.

Just keep dancing.

It will sort itself out.



As much as I did, with as much surrender to the whole process.

And it did pass.

I started to recognize with ease mine from theirs.

I started to feel the dance better.

I started to become aware of all the separate elements, that were before ‘one big soup’ of new information I didn’t understand.

Confusion comes right before you are about to learn something new.

I don’t remember who said that, but it was based on brain functioning.

I was confused because it was NEW.

I was confused because it was UNKNOWN.

I was confused because I had no idea how to BE and how to respond in this NEW and in this UNKNOWN world that was opening up right before me.

I was confused because I had no idea what it would bring.

But really, and truly, it was not ME who was confused, but the little me who has the need to always have the control.

Because ME, the expansive me, the real me, was not confused but was ALL IN,

on this new path, and taking steps into this new w o r l d that was unfolding for me, welcoming me, embracing me.

These new experiences that followed were amazing.

I discovered a passion that was so deep.

And I came home.

I, looking back, thank God I kept dancing.

Why am I sharing this story with you?

Because this illustrates how it works in life – with everything.

When life brings US something very new……..

………the first steps will be confusing to the little me.

The trick is to just keep dancing.

It will sort itself out.

Just as my tango confusion did.

The more freedom, expansion, liberation, passion and love lies in the opportunity, the scarier and more confusing it will be to the little me.

Had I stopped because of the confusion, had I withdrawn myself, pulled back, into the comfort zone………

……….I would have missed many many gifts the tango brought me along the way.

I wouldn’t want to miss it for the world.

So, if you find yourself stepping into something new…….

…….I actually had typed ‘something you’ first lol – thank you Universe)))))…….

……….Don’t pull back.


Just keep dancing.

As you.

It is just a phase.

It will sort itself out.

All you have to do is keep showing up, fully.

As Y O U.




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