When fear wins

What do you do when fear wins?

What do you do when fear wins from love?

Well, to be honest fear can’t win from love…….

But, it can keep you from feeling love experiencing love. 

Living the love.

Until you decide.

That fear has no say.

No say in your life.

In any part of it.

Love can guide you out of fear.

When you open your heart.

If you have your heart closed, you have shut down the door to Universe.

You have shut down the portal through which love comes in.

It’s like shutting the blinds in a room, with the result that no light can come in.

The room will be colder.

It will be harder to see what’s in it.

It will be difficult to grow plants in it.

Or to live in it.

Unless you are allergic to light…., which most of us are not. 🙂

Letting fear win (kinda) is shutting your heart space.

If you keep it open though……,

anything can happen.

You are receiving.

You are expressing.

There is no ‘stagnation’.

There is a constant flow.

There is love.

Where there is love there is no fear.

But, love does push the fear out of the system so if you exposed to a lot of love,

a lot of fear will surface.

Nothing to worry about.

Just proceed with love.

And keep on keeping on.

With an open heart.

That is all.




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