Surprising subject for today since I had some other ideas of what I wanted to write about…..

…….but here goes…….

…….what I have to share with you today about sexual truth.


To me the topic of sexuality is very natural, and deeply connected with and rooted in love.

Our true sexual expression is about sharing the love, physically.

It is not really about just getting a kick out it, no matter how ‘good’ it feels, because in doing that you are only scratching the surface…..

I started out believing, no, deeply understanding and knowing this truth.

However, very soon I started to wonder if this knowing was ‘real’.

I saw people express their sexuality in a distorted way, so much so that I gave up and decided that there was something wrong with me for not feeling the same way about it.

Something very crucial was missing.

I just didn’t know what it was….., let alone how to ‘get’ it. 🙂

Fast forward……..

I discovered and uncovered the truth, and it’s very simple.

Just as it is with anything else in life………

………if it is in alignment, and flow, and love…….

…… get to experience the truth of it, the true fun of it, the growth of it…….

If there’s no alignment, integrity, flow, love………

…… get to experience – uhhh – well, something else.

I don’t know about you but truth wins over ‘something else’ in my world.

Basically what I’ve found is that most people are not experiencing true sexual expression.

They are living ‘fake sexuality’, sometimes not even realizing it.

Let me share as an example my journey with food.

As a student I was a regular at……..

……..and I can’t believe this now but it’s true……….

………a fast-food place known for serving fake food (lol!), that you can find in most towns.

It’s hard to believe but not only did I consider what I consumed as food, but I also thought it was quite tasty. 😳

After completely changing my diet and sticking to it for more than a decade……..

……….I know the taste of real food and my body just wouldn’t have that junk that I thought was a real meal many years ago.

My taste buds changed, opened up, became more and more sensitized, and could notice the slightest differences in taste and quality.

Super handy today when tasting delicious port wines.

Something I couldn’t have done before!

There are so many benefits to the real thing.

It is always opening you up for the new…..,

it’s always assisting you with getting closer to your truth,

it’s aligning you more with who you are….,

helping you express more of you in a true way…..,

it clears you out….,

brings you joy.

Moves you deeper into L O V E.

That is so much more than junk can do.

Junk food just fills your stomach.

For a while.

Until the next time. 

And the next.


So how do you move from junk to real….?

By tuning in.

Constantly tuning into you.

Checking in to F E E L – are you doing what you feel you want, or what you think believe etc that you want?

Is it an expression of you?

Or is it something you’ve learned?

Something you’ve been taught?

Some way you think it’s supposed to be?

Our bodies are so wise and ready to give us all this information – all we have to do is tune in and ask.

It is so worth it.

Because by doing that you get to live as you, 

in every area of your life,

including your sexuality.



Work with me one on one….?

Send a message!



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