All You Need Is Love.

A coaching conversation I had a while ago revealed illustrated what most of us deeply want……. 🙂

As I was painting a picture of this person’s dream life already realized……..,

knowing intuitively it contained every bit of what they want love and enjoy…….,

I asked them: So How Does This Feel?

Loved their answer because……..

……….so so true for us all.

Many are open about it, many deny it, many lost hope to ever have it and resigned…….

………but this deep wish lives in most of us.

Their answer to me was……..

……..that it all sounded great and fantastic but.

They would love for someone special to be in the picture, a woman he loved and who loved him.


No matter how fulfilled in other areas of our life, we all have this nagging feeling that It Is Not The Same without the INTIMATE LOVE RELATIONSHIP that is fulfilling, that works, and that is real true love.

It’s the same for men and women, and no matter what race, age, skin colour, orientation etc etc etc,

all want to love and be loved.

At the same time hardly anyone knows how to let it work, how to let it happen, how to find that happiness with another.

Believe me, I know, I myself stayed single for years because I couldn’t seem to have what I knew was possible, and at the same time was incapable of settling for less.

So I stayed in ‘no man’s land’ for a long time.

No to what I know I don’t want, am done with.

And no idea of what else is possible.

(Well, my heart had an idea, but that was all I had…….! 😃)

But then comes a time when you say: I am ready for the new.

I am ready for a love relationship that works.

I am ready to be loved and to love.

I am ready.

I am so ready.

And then they come.


And you say: W O W!

Is this for real?!

I loooooooooooove this!

I waaaaaaaaaaant this!

I am IN!

And then the whole unraveling and purification starts.

Because you see, in the face of love, all must go.

It’s a little bit like – when a new born arrives, 

would you let it stay in a room full of junk, full of spiderwebs and dust?!


You will clean the room to let it breathe.

To make it a wonderful place to be for this miracle that has come into this world.

Universe / LOVE is doing the same for you.

It will uproot all that is no longer serving you so that you can fully marry your heart with the other and enjoy together the growing love that you share.

Because the love, it will always grow.

If we just let it, and stay out of the way.

It is so crucial to recognize this process/phenomenon of clearing/releasing because otherwise it can highjack you and before you know it you are battling your love instead of loving them.

And that is such a shame.

In the end we all want this same thing: 

to love and be loved.

If you have been asking for real true love……..

………Universe will deliver without fail.

It always does.

All you have to do is show up as Y O U with an open heart.

And stay aligned and out of fear.

Because that will keep you in clarity.

So that you can let yourself enjoy the gift of love that is available for all.

No matter how much you achieve, it is all about L O V E, in the end.

And of course, UNIVERSAL LOVE in the first place but……….

……….experiencing a love union with your partner that WORKS, is a big fat cherry on top of that universal cake,

for you to enjoy.



Want to work with me?

Send a messaaaaaaaaage….!



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