In Command Or In Control?

Are you in command of your life as creator or are you in control of your life as ego?

Let’s see who is in the driver’s seat when it comes to creating a life you love.

Sometimes the ego can take your wish to create more of what you love and put itself in charge of it.

It knows what you want better than you.




Ego knows nothing.

Its only concern is to keep you ‘safe’ (read: under control).

A little bit like a parent that is so scared to let their child live their own life – completely outside of their control – that they meddle, interfere, sometimes almost own their child’s life.

All in the name of ‘keeping them safe’ and having them do ‘what’s best for them’.

So ego seeks control. 

And when it gains control and has a say, it will make sure to create a lot of what you don’t really want.

It wants certain outcomes and an idea of how to get there. (Control)

It wants to judge everything and everyone. (Control)

It wants everything to be predictable. (Control)

It wants to go against the flow. (Control)

When you (‘you’) are in control, you will be working hard, to ‘make’ things happen,

you will be pushing, pulling,

you will be frustrated that things are not going your way,

and you will be satisfied for a short while or not at all and never fulfilled,

when you get to the ‘destination’.

The need to control means that you believe that Universe will not take care of you,

that Universe doesn’t care,

that Universe will never give you all the things you dream of,


And so you take things in your and ego’s own hands.

Not realising you have cut yourself off from inspiration……..

……….that is the Source of all life.

Not realising you are turning away from the support you can’t really do without.

At least not regarding the things you came here to do.

When it comes to your reasons for being here, to your dreams, your passions, your talents,

the only way to move forward is in alignment and in flow.

This means that you can’t be in control, forcing your will upon things.

It means you get to do something much much much better – B E IN C O M M A N D.

In command means you know there is always a solution – it’s ok that you don’t see it now, but you can give it to Universe.

In command means you know you are supported – and if you doubt it you can surrender it to Universe.

In command means you know Universe has your back all of the time – and if you feel unsupported you can give it to Universe.

In command means you know that you are loved – and if you don’t feel that you can always give it to Universe.

In command means you know you can always request support, assistance, guidance, inspiration etc.

And you do.

In command means you do what you do, you show up as you,

while letting Universe be at the steering wheel.

In this scenario, fulfillment is just around the corner.

So to speak.

And you step into more and more of what you really want,

without even knowing it.

This is so far beyond what being in control can give you.

Universe simply rocks.

And so do you.

Even more so…….

………when you consciously partner with it.






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