Away With Fears.

Every now and then – quite regularly actually – I pass this place where you can walk over a wooden pathway elevated above rocks and water.

It’s a great view over the Ocean from there and you are closer to the Ocean.

I must admit I am scared to walk over it as you can see through it all the way down as you are walking over it.

It is sometimes wobbly for me and always a huge challenge to do this walk to and back from the Ocean.

To most people it’s a piece of cake but for me it’s a sweaty heart racing kind of situation.

But I love the view.

I love being close to the Ocean with almost nobody around.

I love it.

But this walk between where I feel comfortable and where I want to be……

…….is terror.

But I do it.

Every time I pass and notice the impulse to go there……..

……and feel held back by fear…….

…….I make sure I just do it.

It was so scary the first time.

A bit less the second.

Every time I do it, fear dissipates.

And I know that it will be completely gone dissolved as long as I am just doing it.

No matter how scared I feel.


After writing the above without being able to post, Universe presented me with an opportunity to dissolve some fears once again……….

I was in the water catching waves with my bodyboard,

and I found myself drifting further and further from the shore, from the group and from my bodyboard instructor.

The Ocean changed moods so suddenly so unexpectedly that even I, being a good observer, was taken by surprise.

I found myself watching the distance between myself and the beach grow bigger and bigger,

carried by the strong current, 

while being surrounded by waves and waves only.

And I had this feeling that it was just myself facing this situation alone, not counting on help coming right away. Lol 

(Later I found out why.)

I couldn’t catch the waves to smoothly surf to the shore,

so I decided to keep afloat on my bodyboard, lol,

asking the Ocean to bring me to the beach…….


My mind went for the panic scenario but my body stayed calm,

so did I, 

through all the fears.

I mean, for me this was a huge challenge.

In the Ocean, zero swimming skills, my instructor missing in action, and nobody around to help out.

A part of me wanted to go into panic and was ready to start screaming for help. Lol!

Instead, I decided to float peacefully until I got to the shore naturally, as any objects floating around in the Ocean do lol, OR until someone did notice me and came to help me.

And the latter happened.

Lol. A man in a wet suit appeared in front of me and said: Violeta, let’s go. 

He dropped from the sky and he knew my name. Lol!

We got out of the water and I found out that my instructor had – of course – noticed that I was taken so far away by the current.

He rushed to help me get back, as he knew I couldn’t swim, and injured his knee while running to the rescue.

And he was the one who sent help.

He said he was so happy he could see I was calm while in the water. Lol


Every time we can transcend fear, by keeping on, feeling the fear………

………we free ourselves more and more.

It doesn’t matter in which area the fear lies.

But wherever it is keeping you from living fully……..

………you are not free………

…… and your life are owned by the fear.

And run by the fear.

It’s one way to ‘do’ your life.

But it certainly isn’t LIVING.

I’m not saying I have transcended all my fears.

But I am making sure I am facing them.

Because in the end, I want to have lived.

Not simply watched my life go by while dreaming of many beautiful things.

I hope for you, you do it too.


On my way home I passed the same place and felt called to walk over the ‘scary’ thing again.

When I did it I noticed how easy it was and how confident I felt walking over ‘the thing’.

Life is much more fun and there’s so much more to play with and to enjoy when we face the fear.





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