Let Love Work

What do you do when you have been looking for a way to shift a certain behaviour pattern a certain dynamic a certain way things seem to always unfold that you do not enjoy?

Imagine, a certain relationship dynamic, imagine a certain type of men or women you attract, imagine a certain type of activity you do that you know is not good for you etc etc?

Imagine you tried and tried.

Tried again.

But you see it show up still.

Imagine you are so so tired of things going this way,

imagine you are ready to give up on it,


ready to accept ‘defeat’,

simply ‘fail’.

Decide it is not possible.

Not for you.

Not in this lifetime.

Not forever.

Imagine you are in this place where you think – I just can’t be bothered with this.

Just open your heart.

Open your heart and open yourself to Universe.

Open yourself to your creator.

Let it come into your life.

Let it take this from you.

Let it take care of this.

Just get out of the way, you.

‘YOU’ want to take over now, from ‘you’.

The ‘you’ that has tried and tried and tried, has been trying hard to make it work, all by itself, all on its own.

Maybe because ‘you’ feel that there’s no help for you…..,

that you are on your own……,

learning lessons, making this work?

Well, YOU are not alone, on your own.

Neither are ‘you’.

There’s help if you open your heart to it.

If you dare to let God/Creator/Universe/Etc in.

There’s a wonderful prayer by Doreen Virtue that I’d like to share with you here.

It goes like this:

(source: http://www.facebook.com/doreenvirtue444)

And when you truly allow yourself to open your heart to Creator……..

……….Creator can come in and work in you and in your life………….

………..so that you can have the resolution, the freedom, the alignment, and the flow you are looking for.

When you get out of the way……..

……..love gets to rule in your world.

And that is so much more fun than all the heavy lifting that has been going on.

I was thinking about waves the other day.

The opportunities to step into a new way of being, a new way of doing things, in the physical, manifest world……..

………..these are like the waves of the Ocean – THEY NEVER STOP.

They keep coming no matter what.

They keep coming whether you are there to surf them or not.

They keep coming.

There’s an abundance of opportunities.

When you feel like you have failed AGAIN, give yourself some slack (a lot!). πŸ™‚

If you are new to surfing……….

………..and you don’t catch the great waves……….

……….the waves that are simply WOW……..

………….the waves that made you want to learn how to surf in the first place……..

………the waves that are IT for you………,

tell me…….

…..would you quit?

Would you throw your surfing board away, give it to someone, simply quit?

I bet you would – if surfing is not that important to you.

But if surfing is what you really want – you’d keep going.

You’d find a different way of doing things.

You’d find a way to have this thing work.

No matter what.

Because that’s what you want.

It is easy to give up on something that you don’t really want, 

because it’s really hard to do this from will power (aka making yourself do something you don’t really want to do).

It’s also easy to give up on something that you really really want but deeply believe you can’t have.

It’s too painful to go there, to this feeling of true desire, true passion, combined with: ‘can’t have that’ or ‘not for you, sucker!’ etc.


If you really want this.

Just give it to God.

Just give it to God, all of it.

The deepest pain.

The deepest desire.

The deepest disappointment.

The disbelief.

All your ‘can’t happen’-s,

all your ‘not for me’-s,

all your ‘not possible’-s,

all your ‘does not exist’-s.

If it already lives in you, in your heart……

……..then it is possible,

it is for you,

it can exist,

it can happen,

in this lifetime.

Only if you want.

Only if you let your heart be and stay open to it.

Only if you let yourself be taken care of and helped by…….




And let LOVE work in your life…..,

instead of ‘you’,

and stop letting ‘you’ call all the shots.

It is possible.

It is waiting.

For you to catch its waves.

And surf them.

Like a mf.






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