Easy Does It….

I was talking to someone the other day and the conversation cracked me up.

They were using – constantly – the word ‘complicated’ and the word ‘difficult’.

And they are not the only ones.

People use these words all the time.

Because they live in Complicated, and in Difficult, all the time.

But what about easy….???!

Oh no, that doesn’t exist.

That’s impossible.

On and on and on.

Any subject, any area of life……

No ease possible.

Of course.

I believe you.

It’s not possible if you stick to complicated or difficult or both.

In Complicated City and Difficult Town, ease is not to be found.

It lives in another place.


Today I saw a seagull catch fish in the Ocean.

And then take off, go up, and try to fly, to move forward, with no success.

The wind was strong and the seagull was working its wings with all its might,

while not moving forward, at all, and moving backward, even.

I saw this scenario happen maybe ten times…?

The seagull would not succeed in moving forward, would then drop the fish, by accident, and dive back down to catch it, and then try to take off and fly away again.

10 times, give or take.

I was fascinated.

I was watching, and wondered with great curiosity:

How is this gonna end…..?

How will the seagull resolve this…..?

There are so many answers and such guidance to be found in nature……,

so I eagerly waited to see the ‘finale’.

And the finale blew me away.

Because, after x number of attempts, THIS happened.

The seagull took off, but………

……….it didn’t do the same thing it did the 10 times before that…….

………which was go way up.

What it did was stay very low, close to the surface of the the water…………

………….and it flew forward with ease, and with prey firmly sitting in its beak.

It was amazing to watch all this struggle, and such ease – with all the difference being: different ‘wavelength’.

Same weather. Same moment. Same seagull. Same prey.

But very different experiences. And very different results.

The seagull did not only get to do what it wanted.

It got to do it with EASE.

And this is exactly how it works in life.

You can keep struggling like the seagull did.

Or you can go for the easy way.

Just like the seagull.

And leave Complicated City.

And leave Difficult Town.

It is up to you!

And it is available to all!

To be honest I don’t use words complicated and difficult too much.

Only when referring to others lol.

Because I feel such contraction in this way of speaking……

………it just doesn’t serve me much.

I prefer to use words that keep me in the easy lane!


Yesterday I tried to do the laundry.

Tried, because there was some technical problem and the machine wouldn’t start.

I could have gone into ‘difficult’ or ‘complicated’, or both. Lol

After all, I have a big pile of laundry that has to be done asap.

And, it could be a serious problem blablabla.

Instead, I asked angels to take care of it.


I did!


They are the best!

You can count on those.


Although I did take some action the next day and called someone to ask for their help………

………I didn’t even get to tell them what the problem was!

As I started talking with them, a surprise visitor came by to drop something off, 

and fixed the problem right away.



Life As I Know It.





Want to work with me one on one?

Send a message…..!



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