So important to be able to discern what’s for you and what’s not.

What’s yours and what’s not.

What is complementary and what is not.

If something is truly adding value to your life………,

truly helping you release more and more of what and who you are not…….,

assisting you with the embracement of more and more of who you truly are……,

etc etc etc……..,



It is for you.

If not……..

…….then it is not.

And it is time to let go?

Sometimes we want to hold on to something that’s not really making our life better,

something that is draining us.

And we do it for so many different reasons.

In some cases you might feel that nothing better than that is available.

And you want to hold on.

Give it a chance.

In some cases it brings you some pleasure at some level.

And you want to hold on.

Give it a chance.

In some cases it might be scary for you to imagine doing or being without it.

And you want to hold on.

Give it a chance.

In some cases you hope it will bring you the things you dream of, some day.

And you want to hold on.

Give it a chance.


Maybe, somehow, some day, at last………

……….it will be what I truly want it to be.

L E T G O.

Let go of everything that is not for you.

Because it is holding you back.

From receiving that what IS for you.

That which will surprise you.

Bring you what you have dreamed of.

And more.

But you have to let go.

Of what doesn’t serve.

No settling.

No compromises.

No work.

Just see what serves and what doesn’t.

Tune in.

Feel into it.

Stay close to you.

Things are easy when you are tuned into you 100%.

That’s where EASE comes from.

From aligning with Y O U.

From tuning into Y O U.

From feeling Y O U.

Love all and love you all of you.

Love your life.

Love all of you and all of your life so that you can discern, feel, know……

This is for me.

It’s complementary.

And this is not.

And I let go.

Don’t wait until things change.

They do when you decide about what you let into your experience of life and what you don’t.

What behaviours are ok and what behaviours are not.

It will shed a bright light on all for you.

Bring you clarity.

When you don’t discern and go about your life consuming it all – then there’s so many interferences in your being that you can loose clarity.

Applying discernment creates clarity.



And most of all you can feel and see you more clearly, at all times.

Until next time…..,

Lots Of Love…..,




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