A YES is all it takes.

Do you want to be normal or do you want to be you?

Do you want to do things all normally do or do you want to do what Y O U want to do?

Do you want to follow rules, or do you want to make your own way as you go?

Create your own dance, instead of a choreography of someone else?

Do you want to live in conflict with yourself and your life, 

or in harmony with your being?

In harmony with your essence……,

dancing to the beat of your HEART……..,

no matter how crazy and not normal it seems to the mind…..?

Do you want to be your own leader, from within, your own guide……..,

or do you want the opinions of the outside world to rule your life?

Do you want to be driven by your clear passion, your HEART, your own self, constantly inspired from within,

or do you want to carefully tread in life driven by the fears, the resistances, the beliefs, expectations, worries and concerns of your freaking out mind….?

Do you want to be you?

If you say YES, 

I DO…….,

do you just say it 

or mean it?

Is it a ‘yes’ that says ‘but’ right away?

I want yes but I can’t.

I want yes but it’s not possible.

I want yes but my cat got sick and my dog ate my homework and I have to wash my hair today and again tomorrow because I’ll forget I already washed it 2day……..,

and after all that, well, after all that there’ll be something else I can object with……,

just give me some time and I’ll come up with 1000 excuses for why I can’t, I won’t.


And if your yes is a yes butt πŸ˜‰

……it will be a pain.

If your Yes is a YES

…….it will be a gain.


Only then can you do something.

Only with YES.

Never with yes but.

So if you say yes and it is not working……..

………get rid of the but.

And you will fly free.

Free to be you.

Free to be.

Free to do.

All it takes is a FULL YESS.

A full YES to YOU.

To have what you want to have.

To create what you want to create.

To live a life that you want to live.

To find happiness.

To find joy.

To find love.

All of this is not found behind the door that says yes but.

All of this is found when you open the door that says:

Y E S.

Nothing more nothing less.

Just Y E S.

Yes 2 You.


I L O V E U.




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