Do you know when it’s time to go, time to move on, time to leave behind what no longer serves…?

Do you know how to embrace the new even when you can’t see this new yet, and how to release to make space for this new…?

Do you know how to let go of the internal stuff that’s in the way…?

How to release with ease…, and just let it move out…?

Whenever we claim something new for ourselves….,

life will prepare us, and answer with a clearout…..,

a clearout that can make you feel something is wrong, and as if things are getting worse.

In truth, they are not, you are simply getting ‘better’,

(better meaning ‘more you’),

moving into the new.

Moving into a new territory, unfamiliar ground, over and over again constantly, can take its toll on you……

But if you make sure you are getting enough rest, enough time for you to integrate, then you are good.

Giving yourself space, taking care of you and most importantly flowing with Y O U, 

meaning: doing whatever feels natural in the moment…..,

whatever you feel called to do…..,

is very very very important.

And whenever you do feel overwhelmed by it all, just breathe, simply breathe.

I remember the times when I could do nothing but breathe…., many many years ago.

I’d feel so so extremely utterly incredibly lost with all the changes going on in my life and in my body……,

that the only thing that would calm me down would be the breath.

It is very simple.

Breathing in, breathing out.

That is all.

That is how simple life is.

How simple life can be.

Your life, too.

If you dare to keep steping up, stepping into more and more and more of you.

Releasing more and more and more of what you are not.

Welcoming who you are.

Embracing your unique being.

Your soul, your spirit, Y O U.

Fearlessly, because you know you are walking yourself home.

Fearfully, because the fears are getting released from your cells, from your body, as you are stepping more and more into you.

Whatever you do, life is pure expansion.

It will keep expanding, and taking you with.

Life is pure growth.

It will be growing and taking you with.

Life is an upward and outward movement.

It will be taking you with.

No matter what you do.

Life is taking you with.

Upgrading you.

Moving out all the stuff that’s not you.

Let it happen.

Let all go, internally.

Let all go, externally, where it feels right.

Let it happen.

New days have arrived.

And it’s easy to navigate when you travel light.

Let go.


It. All.

Just do it.

Let go.


Let go.


Embrace you.

Embrace YOU.

Let LOVE rule your world.




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