Some Day Is 2Day

Let me be crystal clear with you.
Whatever it is that you are waiting for……

…….it won’t ‘come’.

It’s like waiting for Godot.

It doesn’t plan to arrive.

And you have been wasting your precious energy.

Missed all the things you could have enjoyed.

Just because you were in waiting mode.

What to do instead of waiting?

Simply show up.

Show up and do whatever it is you feel called to do, in your HEART.

And then, let it al be taken care of by Universe.

Universe will help you, always, when you are showing up.

If you want to learn how to dance, you will have to get your body moving.

You have got to get on the dance floor.

It’s you.

You are taking action.

And Universe gives you a hand as you go.

Aligning things for you.

But you are the one doing the steps.

One step at a time.

From the heart.

And whatever it is that you care about, will be in harmony with you.

That is how it works.

No waiting.

One woman once told me she waited for her ‘ex’ partner who was the father of her daughter…….

………to come back to her………,

for 10 (!) years.

10 years of not letting anybody in, to love you.

10 years of not letting yourself love anybody else.

That’s what waiting does.

It just occupies a space.

It gives you nothing.

When something is done and over……..,

………the best thing is to let go.

What are you holding on to?

It can be related to relationships, career, any plans……..

What are you not letting yourself let go of……?

Trying to hold on to it so that some day……..

……….the thing you’ve been waiting for will magically appear.

But the truth is…….

…… most of the times never does.

So why keep waiting….?


Investing your energy……?

Let go.

Let it go.

And let yourself ‘invest’ your energy into something that CAN grow and WILL grow.

Let go of the things that are no more, and embrace the ones that are waiting for you to bring them to life.

Because they need your attention.

Your care.

Your enjoyment of them.

They need you.

Those things you are waiting for to happen that are your dreams.

The dreams you are not showing up for.

The ones that are in the closet.

Hidden because you are afraid to look at them and acknowledge them.

Because that would mean you have to own them.

In order to have them flourish.

Otherwise you are just pushing them away.

Keeping them in the some-day-drawer.

But some day is created today.

If you want it some day,

you have to claim it 2day.

If you want it some day,

you have to welcome it in.


If you want it some day,

you have to say a full YESS to it.


If you want it some day you have to claim it now.

Some day starts today.

What are you saying yes to 2day…..,

welcoming in 2day……,

embracing 2day……,

calling in 2day……?

Are these things = what you want to have ‘some day’?

Or are these things = what you have in your life already?

It’s your call.

Use it.





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