I would like to share with you O N E thing:

SHARE your passion with the world.

It needs it.

You need it.

It’s the not-so-secret-ingredient for a happy life.

Being happy from within, 

regardless circumstances……..,

simply by BEING you,

E X P R E S S I N G you,

sharing your sparkle,

sharing your shine

with the world.

That is all I feel called to share with you 2day.

Whatever happens,

never dim your light.

Never stop expressing

Y O U.

Never apologize for being ‘not normal’ when people are taken aback by your true full expression of YOU.

They will come back around when they are ready.

Never wait for them to be ready.

It’s YOUR time.


B U.

V I O L E T.



After I chose the picture and started writing this message……,

a neighbour started to play his electric guitar – lol.

That’s double message/confirmation 4U.

I πŸ’œ U.


Work with me?

Send a message….!



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