Freedom 2B U

The whole world wants you to be not you.

Encourages you to be someone who follows the rules that others made for you.

Encourages you to not listen to your inner voice…..,

and to follow the voices of others instead.

Outside authority is – what you are being taught – is what matters.

Other people making rules for you to live by……..,

telling you what’s important…..,

what is normal……,

how things should be done.

In relationships.

In work.

In business.

In any area, really.

And Universe……

…….Universe is looking at you waiting for you to take notice……,

to step into your inner knowing……,

to hear your inner guidance……,

to tap into your intuition……,

to discover what is your authority within…..,

and to let yourself be guided by it……,

day after day after day.

Over and over again.

Giving Universe the opportunity to guide you.

To direct you.

To help you.

Universe doesn’t want you to follow its rules.

It has none.

It has only freedom to offer you.

Freedom to dance.

Freedom to create.

Freedom to inspire……,

yourself and others.

Freedom to choose Y O U.

Freedom to be Y O U.

It has nothing but freedom to offer you.

💖 Take It….!



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