Don’t Stress – Express 😄

Unleashing you.


This is the most vital part of your life.

And mine.

And everyone’s.

So many go through life suffering from this and from that……,

not feeling lit up…..,

not feeling excited about their life….,

about life in general……,

feeling dimmed…..,

feeling stressed…..,

going from one to-do-thing to the next…..,

believing and accepting that things are ‘ok’ just as they are.

It’s easy to do for most people……,

because a stressed life and a dull life is a socially accepted something.

“It’s the way life is.”

People are not very happy, very content, etc……,

and they accept that, because hey, life ain’t a fairytale…!


And then there’s the ones who are lit up, excited, happy and content with life and their life.

Of course they have their ‘ups and downs’ but these are related to growth.

These people are EXPRESSED.

They are expressing themselves in life.

Living a life that’s in alignment with who they are.

Living a life that flows,



opens up.

Mostly because of EXPRESSING.

When we start to express more and more of who we are…….,

we start to blossom.

When we stop with expressing we start to wither.

More and more.

We start to forget who we are……,

get to see who we are less and less.

And the world can become a lonely place, 

even if you are constantly surrounded by people.

Express means connect.

Tune in.

Connect with your essence,

be open to you.

When you do that,

you can connect to the essence of the other.

Otherwise, you are simply scratching the surface.

Living fully means expressing Y O U.

Connecting to the whole world as Y O U.

Knowing who you are.

Feeling your essence.

Your truth.

And it all starts with……..

………expressing every chance you get.

So no matter what it is…….,

bring it out.

In word, spoken or written,

in movement, dance, visual art, music.

Whatever it is, be it cooking, gardening etc, that gives you enjoyment and pleasure……..,

just let your passion flow, your true passion of the heart.

Let it flow into and through everything you do…..,


animating all that you create through the EXPRESSION of Y O U.



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