Sword Of Justice!

I want to share with you this very powerful tool.

And warn you to use it only if you are ready and willing and open to have Divine Will be. 🙂 

I personally LOVE using it when needed, and it’s been my best friend for years. 


Call upon the Crystal Sword, the Sword of Justice. 

It might also appear in a different variety (eg a transparent sword with a crystal symbol in it etc) so if that happens go with that.

Feel the energy, allow yourself to be immersed in the beingness of this helper……….

Ask then depending on the situation, for what you want to ask. 

I use it for example when I feel I am confined energetically without being able to understand it fully.

Then I call upon the Crystal Sword and ask for everything that is not in alignment with my highest good to just fall away…….., no longer show up in my lifestream.

Be prepared to see stuff and people disappear from your lifestream that you didn’t even expect to. 😉 

All in Divine Order.

I also use it for relationships……, 

and what I ask for is to have all cords to be dissolved, in both directions.

Have fun with it. 

If you dare.

I am only kidding.

Best tool ever. 

For releasing stuff.

And decluttering your life.



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