Go With What YOU Know.

Ever happened to you that you wanted to create something new in your life……,

up-level in a certain area……,

welcome and embrace a new way……,



someone was not seeing what you were seeing and……,

well kinda tried to get in your way…..?

It’s a classic.

If you ask anyone who has completely changed, up-leveled any or every area of their life……,

be it love relationship,


social interactions,

starting a business,





they at least once – and most likely many times – had to deal with the nay-sayers.

It’s funny really,

but when one person up-levels and the other feels they can’t,

they will try to bring you down.



No you can’t do it this way.

No it won’t work.

No this is so not going to be a success.

No it will not work.


How do they know?

Have they tried?

Over and over again?

Tested every single way?


They know because they don’t know better.

They know because they have never seen anything like it.

No, they are also not willing to try.

Because it takes courage to embark on this adventure of discovering, finding something you don’t even know how to find, or what it looks like.

It takes courage to go for something just because you FEEL and KNOW deep inside something better something much better is available.

It takes courage to put all on the line by making this discovery voyage your priority.

You might be laughed at.

You might be ridiculed.

You might not be taken seriously.

You might loose friends.

You might loose so many other things in the process.


once you decide that you commit to this new that you haven’t even seen yet….,

all the things that are present in your life…..,

will have to go…..,

if they are not in full alignment with your new level.

Some days ago I received a certain comment from two different people, 

when I shared with them what I wanted to create:

‘But everybody wants this.’

Now, what they meant was: 

Nobody has it and so you can’t have it.

It just doesn’t exist.

Not for them.

But it does for me.

I know it is possible.

I know it is available.

I know it is accessible.

And I know it is possible, available and accessible for me,

and for you too,

if you truly want it.


I remember many many many years ago I was in the same place in a different area of my life.

I felt deeply unhappy, even though I had everything going for me.

I was one of the privileged young people in the world, and all the doors and roads were open for me.

Yet, I felt profoundly unhappy……,

because something was missing.

Now I know it was the LOVE.

That LOVE that burns inside like a Universal Flame, that is my core, my Source of everything, my joy, my happiness, my peace…….,

the love I FELT existed, but had not even a vague idea of how to find it.

Not even where to look for it.

I spoke of this happiness and of this LOVE but nobody understood what I was talking about.

They thought I was crazy.

Out of my mind.

(Which I actually was, but not in the way they meant it! πŸ˜‚)

And I was told the same thing.

It is not possible.

It is not available.

It is not accessible.

But it was.

It is.

I found the way.

I came home in my own heart and learned true happiness,

true passion,

true love,

and true peace.

That was many years ago.

And right now I am ready to share my life with someone, 

in a relationship that carries values and qualities that are crazy for many.

But I know,

just like I knew then,

when I wanted to find true lasting deep real love and happiness on my own,

that finding true lasting deep real love and happiness in an intimate love relationship,

is possible,

is available,

is accessible.

And not only that,

just like with this LOVE inside,

it is our natural birth right.

We are not born to be following rules,

we are not born to be in conflict,

we are not born to work for it,

we are born to express purely from our hearts,

sharing the love with one another.

And that is the only relationship I could go for,

anything less than that won’t do.

Just like anything less than a deep unshakable connection in my heart with the LOVE that lives inside me…….,

wouldn’t do for me back then.

If anyone tells you that something you deeply want and know you can have…..,

or even hope you can have and willing to explore…….,

is not possible…….,

know that their very limiting view on life…….


Let them live their life according to what they think is possible……,

and let you be the ‘judge’ and sole authority…….,

on what is POSSIBLE 4 U.

I ❀️ U.



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